Election day


I’m still perched on this windowsill. I like it here. The sun glistens off my pail and the metal fence and the grass in the morning, but it never reaches me. The wind, too, leaves me alone.How long have I been here? The sun has come and gone alot it seems. Up and down, up and down. Reminds me of flying. I did like flying. I should try that again. But I also like just sitting here. Although I am starting to get cold now, everything seems to be. There are yellow leaves covering the grass, which seems flat – not so many places to hide now. And I’m still hungry. Continue reading ‘Election day’


I’m up


I’m still skating around the surface of my little white pail. The water is quiet and dark and warm. I’m not sure I want to leave just yet. I did manage to get my stinger straightened out, and it feels ready, but for what I don’t honestly know. I just know I want to stay a little longer. Continue reading ‘I’m up’

I broke the surface at 6:33 a.m. this morning. I’m a bit chilly, but I’m liking this surface tension thing. Bear with me while I try and figure out how to unfurl my stinger…